pH has been subjected to a lot of Welsh as I’ve been learning–because learning means a combination of workbooks (I have multiple publications) computer stuff (Duo), watching TV shows (DVDs from when I can, and whatever I can stream–this has resulted in a somewhat bizarre addiction to Fferm Ffactor for the entire family; there really isn’t a whole lot available outside the UK). I was listening to a podcast and it started at the beginning with “bore da” (good morning) and she sighed and said, “I really prefer ‘prynhawn da.'” (Good afternoon.) She was saying it to be sassy, but knowing how little of a morning person she is, I figure it’s fair enough.

Y_Gwyll_1Y Gwyll is a bit hell of a lot darker, but pH will sometimes watch it with me. (She likes the soundtrack and the fact that her ferret shares her name with assorted characters.) I tell her when it’s going to be scary and she skedaddles, but she’ll find her way back when she can–especially if grounded from screen time of her own. Since all I watch (Fferm Ffactor excluded) tend to be police procedurals or other mysteries, she’s watched a lot of mysteries.

Unintended consequence: today, while she was thinking about Pokemon (she wants more cards), pH said she wished we were wealthy. I said I agreed (I want more Fluevogs). Then she said, “Well, except for the people you have to have when you’re rich. They’re scary.”


“To do stuff for you.”

“You mean like servants?”

“Yeah, servants. The people you keep saying you want to clean the house instead of you.” (Yeah, she’s sassy.)

“Right…why are they scary?”

“All those shows you watch. The servants are dangerous.”

You’re never too young to be paranoid in preparation for the time when you’re too wealthy.