There are many types of writing I can do with interruption…not that I want interruptions or that I’m not annoyed by them (any interruption is annoying), but I can still write. Maybe not my best, but I can do it.

Legal writing, no. I need quiet.

Homeschooling even one child is not quiet. It was amusing last week to be in a room full of teenagers with pH, because she loved the chaos. Also, I was okay with the chaos. (I was there of my own volition.) It reminded me of growing up–large family–and it was good she was around that type of raucous energy (teasing without malice).

But it made me appreciate one child. One child will read at long stretches of time and will only need me when she is hungry. (Then again, one child may decide to glom onto me with the ferret, or require technical assistance when Adobe Acrobat decided to harass her while doing her work, like she did just now.) One child still requires the eyes-in-the-back-of-my-head “You aren’t picking your nose at my computer, are you?”

One child is almost a bridge too far for any legal work, though. Everything takes at least twice as long, of not longer. I know there were times when I had  toddler pH in my office and I somehow worked, but I’ll wager it’s because I had two paralegals.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.46.29 PM

Every day is 21nd Amendment Appreciation Day

All of this to say is that I have been needing to research a statute for an hour now, but every time I get close, Adobe Acrobat acts up, she picks her nose, or a ferret is put on my shoulders. I also have to be on watch for when she misses something, because she hates reading the explanation of her error, and she needs to read it. (I just looked up to an error message and saw she didn’t read the explanation, and so I made her explain the error–and of course, she couldn’t, so I had to explain again the point of multiple choice questions is to trick you. Homeschooling pro tip for those of you with perfectionists: externalizing the errors to the evil medium of testing or the curriculum is an *awesome* way of deflecting frustration. I’m not be sarcastic. I use it on Duolingo for myself.)

Everyone thinks working from home is such a perfect match with homeschooling. I guess if your business is homeschooling, perhaps. And if it is, please send me an application. Meanwhile, I’ll be ignoring bronchitis, a painful back, the fact it will be hot today, the dishes in the sink, the laundry to be folded, fiction writing, and the books on hold at the library I really want to read.

I’ll still be buried in the CFRs.