I homeschool, but even if it circumscribes my time, it doesn’t define me.

I still practice law (albeit rarely). I write fiction and ghost-write briefs for other attorneys. I used to edit genre novels for a now-defunct publisher. Trust me, editing your own writing is much easier than editing another’s.

I like nice clothes and shoes and (obviously) hats, but it’s a rare day I pay full price for anything. The moniker Queen of Hats–my last blog–came from the fact I have a lot of hats and I’m not afraid to wear them. (I’m still scared of bright red lipstick.)

I had a childhood that may be charitably characterized as bizarre but more reasonably characterized as extremely emotionally abusive–but even so, it was because of it that I never want to stop learning new things. My response to being told I was worthless was to prove my worth through acquiring knowledge and skills, and it’s not something that I’ve ever been able to turn off.

Right now I’m studying Welsh (new to me) and German (not new to me). You’re welcome to laugh at follow me on Duolingo.

I get crippling migraines and am the proud owner of two bulging disks in my lower back. Lucky me, and lucky PT office.

I study the early republic, naval history, and the long 18th century–and have done my entire adult life, which is now frighteningly measured in decades. I enjoy reading about Regency England, but it’s a rare novel that will engage me more than a historical book about the time period. (I am very picky about writing and historical accuracy.)  If these are your thing, you can join me on Goodreads. You’ll have to forgive my Rex Stout addiction, though.

I’m at work on a mystery set in late Georgian England.

I don’t know what half the little icons are beneath my posts.