1. I don’t know how anyone homeschools and works at the same time. Trying to do legal work on top of homeschooling is making me crazy. (Yes, still homeschooling in the summer–it lets us take days off during the year.)
  2. Related: I had forgotten that legal work would be great if it weren’t for the clients.
  3. Related: I had forgotten I was good at legal work (I dug through my files for templates).
  4. Related: I had forgotten that I dread doing legal work up until the place I start doing it, and then I enjoy myself in a sort of masochistic, high-blood pressure sort of way. Until I don’t.
  5. Related: Pro bono is only bono for the client.
  6. Related: No good deed goes unpunished.
  7. Related: Not doing this again. Onward!
  8. Oh. Outside? No. I hate fireworks.
  9. I don’t exactly hate the July 4 myth, but I do hate perpetuation of ignorance.
  10. Having your bank info hacked sucks, what with the waiting for everything to be sorted out (on the holiday weekend).
  11. Having your bank info hacked sucks a hell of a lot more when the eBay auction is going to end two days before the bank stuff is sorted out. Well. 6 hours to go: maybe I’ll lose.
  12. I have a ferret sleeping on me right now.
  13. This is a week without having pH in a camp.